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Marie Kondo Effect

Buying Gifts for the Marie Kondo Fanatic

Does it spark joy? That is the question on all our lips as we gaze at our wardrobes, pantries, bedrooms and even our partners. The verdict is clear. stuff is out, and space is in. It’s common to fantasize about downsizing to a low maintenance tiny house and spending every weekend out having fun, instead of cleaning and tidying.

So, when you’ve spent an hour listening to your friend drone on about how amazing it feels to have only 3 pairs of shoes in her cupboard, how do you buy her a gift? It seems sacrilegious to add more clutter to her newly spartan home. Here are a few ideas:

  • Take her out to do something fun. Alcohol, food or an adventure activity – you decide!
  • Send her to treat herself. A guilt free massage or pamper session will be a memorable gift.
  • Lighten her load. Especially for new mums, having someone else take over the daily grind for a while can be more valuable than any material possession.
  • Get her something you know she will use. Something related to a specific hobby or interest, that is a guaranteed winner.
  • Get her a consumable present – there’s the classic wine or chocolates, to something more creative like a catered high tea for a few friends.

In short there are many ways to make a Marie Kondo fan happy – and most of them don’t involve anything to unwrap!