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Gifts Teachers Really Want

Your child’s teacher. They have spent 7 hours a day with your child, 5 days a week, for a whole year. You want to get them something memorable, but with 25 kids in the class, it’s hard to stand out. Here are some ideas for gifts that teachers will be delighted to receive.

  • Home Made Treats

It is very hard to beat the personal touch of home baked goodies. Your child can even do a bit of early reconnaissance and find out what her favourites are. If you are a baker, you can make her day!

  • Gift cards

It might sound boring, but for someone who is likely to be on the receiving end of 20 coffee mugs, the chance to choose something that is actually helpful makes a welcome change!

  • A magazine subscription

If your child’s teacher has a specific hobby or interest, they might appreciate a subscription to a relevant magazine. It is an unusual gift which will keep giving for the entire year.

  • Something they can actually use in the classroom

Think of something that might come in helpful. A stationary organiser for their desk, an engraved pen, a comedic customised stamp – the list is endless! But something that is useful would always be appreciated

  • Something to help them relax

Teaching is a stressful job! Teachers need time to wind down. A massage voucher or high quality scented candle could be just the thing to help them chill out.

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