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Worst Gift Ever

What was the best gift you ever received? Tickets for a dream holiday or your favourite band, a meaningful handmade present, an engagement ring – something sensible and well thought out no doubt. But I don’t want to hear about the best – I want to know the worst.

The internet is full of stories of terrible gifts. One reddit user shared the sad day she opened a book entitled “How to care for potted plants”, offered up by her husband, a notorious giver of crap gifts. “I only had 2 potted plants at the time, and I had no plans to get more” she said, “even his mum warned him about that one”.

Continuing the theme of husbands with a death wish, 3 women told tales of the biggest Christmas fails from their significant others. “4 sports bras, each individually wrapped” said one, “a paper shredder and a wind up flashlight” said another. And worst of all “a nose hair trimmer” – how romantic.

Sometimes the worst gifts come from a place of complete self absorption. One lady described receiving a beautiful monogrammed pen from her sister in law. A great gift – only it bore the SIL’s initials rather than her own! Another frustrated wife told of getting a voucher to an expensive steak restaurant which just happened to be her husband’s favourite – doesn’t seem too bad, until she explains that she is a vegetarian.

Some tales of bad gifts tend towards the truly bizarre. From the woman who received 4 individually wrapped frozen pizzas from a new boyfriend, to the 10 year old who was no doubt thrilled to receive a single coat hanger from an elderly aunt, it’s obvious that some people are really clueless where gift giving is concerned.

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